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Fumai Credit Launched New Products to Explore Consumer Finance Market

2017 12/29

Since the year of 2017, the rapid development of consumer fiance has become the highlight of Chinese economy. According to statistics, short-term consumer loan added 830.5 billion RMB in 2016, and the amount from January to July in this year has already exceeded the total number of last year.

Formax Group Acquired ZuluTrade to Explore Global Market

2017 10/31

Formax Group recently announced that they have acquired ZuluTrade, a world’s leading fintech company in this month. Due to ZuluTrade’s brand value and huge market impact, the purchase of ZuluTrade has become Formax’s largest acquisition project.

Formax Invested KKUCAR.COM for Foothold in Car Finance Field

2017 10/27

The rapid development of Internet finance has profoundly influenced the industrial structures and systems in recent years. Internet+, sharing economy and travel services are becoming increasingly popular for starting up businesses.


Formax Group

Formax JRQ (, a professional online lending information and service platform, devotes itself to the innovation of inclusive finance. JRQ aims at providing users with safe and protected small and micro financial services with satisfactory returns.

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Formax works on the improvement and development of Forex trading, HK stock and US stock trading and financial service technologies on the principles of transparent, fair, safe and stable, striving for providing the best trading experience for both individual and institutional investors from around the world.

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Formax Prime (UK) Limited, part of the Formax Group, are a London based FCA regulated brokerage. Providing clients with ECN Trading across Forex, Indices and Commodities, on both MT4 and ZuluTrade platforms.

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ZuluTrade, a Forex trading signal provider, collects investment suggestions from top professional brokers and automatically trades for users in a volatile market.

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Fumai Credit can meet client’s capital requirements under different scenarios, providing financing consultation services for education, medical beauty, food and shopping, customized travel, recreation and overseas studying.

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A cutting-edge internet automobile transaction and financial service platform, offering new and parallel-import cars with fair rate as well as easy and convenient way of purchasing cars.

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Moreton is a high-tech company, focusing on artificial intelligence. It works on providing solutions based on AI technologies for clients in traditional industries.

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ForeLife, Formax’s E-commerce platform for accessible luxury, offers a comprehensive collection of digital products, home furnishings, bags, shoes and accessories from around the world.

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Formax has obtained UK FCA license, New Zealand FSP license, Hong Kong SFC type 1 and type 9 licenses and China Private Fund Manager license through its subsidiaries. Formax Group’s business activities are under the protection and supervision of related financial regulation institutions.

Hong Kong SFC License on Asset Management

Formax has obtained SFC type 9 license for asset management, registration no.: BDG936.

Member of HK Professional Insurance Brokers Association

Formax is the member of PIBA (Member no.: 0635), being allowed to conduct insurance broker business.

China Private Fund Manager License

Formax is a registered private fund manager in China.

UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) License

Formax has obtained UK FCA licenses for brokerage business and lending business.

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