Wealth Management

We help our customers to manage and increase their wealth.

Forex Business

Why trade currencies?
Foreign exchange or simply Forex is the world's most traded market.Volatile markets presenting many trading opportunities for traders
24 hours trading from Sunday to Friday (GMT)
Formax offer traders over 40 currency pairs, Trade Forex with Formax and gain access to our cutting-edge platforms, lightning fast execution, ex-
cellent liquidity, best-of-market spreads, and our 24/5 personal support.
In addition to traditional brokerage, we have launched a mirror trading community- CopyMaster - in May 2013. In the CopyMaster trading community, a copytrade function allows novice traders to replicate Trading Master . When the novice trader links with a Trading Master, his account will automatically mirror the entire trading activity of the Trading Master. Traders can download the CopyMaster APP from June, 2014.


From 2014, Formax will begin business operations in the securities market.We have cooperated with domestic top secu-
rities brokerages and offer securities traders a professional trading platform.We will leverage on our advanced technologies to develop new investment product such as Fortune-Bag
where investors can diversify their investment portfolio through following trading elites.
In additional to China A-shares, we have also applied for license for trading in Hong Kong and U.S. stock market.From an est Q3 2014, clients can trade
stocks through Formax professional platform.
Apart from securities brokerage, we will begin hedge fund business in Q4 2014 when we received the relevant Hong Kong SFC private equity license.

Asset Management

We will begin hedge fund business when we receive Hong Kong private equity license from est Q4 2014.
Formax has established a group of profession-
als that came from asset management division of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and top brokerages.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Formax offers Peer-to-Peer lending for our clients.Client can lend money through his personal center in CopyMaster webpage.
Why choose us?
Quick approval process
Annual interest rate is as low as 10%
Linkage with trading account, ease of fund credit
Different mode of payments


Industry giants, in-depth cooperation, create a one-stop financial platform hand in hand


We are young and full of energy, width a strong
growth potential and a glorious future